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I practice Test Driven Development almost systematically when I write code. So executing tests and reading their results are more than repetitive tasks.

Repetition could lead to automation... Here I present the first features of a tool that should make my life easier. I call it Gunit64!

This article is valid for the following versions: – guile-gunit64: 0.0.1-0.094c17a – geiser-gunit64: 0.0.1-0.7a87357

Introductory tutorial

Given the following SRFI-64 test suite.

The key binding C-c r t will execute these tests and display the result.

The key binding C-c r f will only execute tests that failed during the last execution.

The key binding C-c r . will execute the test at point (the cursor must be somewhere on the string representing the test name).

The key binding C-c r r will re-execute the tests from the last execution.

Quick explanation

The geiser-gunit minor mode key bindings will call Emacs Lisp functions which will : – save all buffers – compile the current buffer – evaluate an s-exp in the REPL

This s-exp is one of the procedures exported by the Guile modile gunit64.


ice-9/boot-9.scm:1685:16: In procedure raise-exception:
Unbound variable: run-root-tests

You're missing (use-modules (gunit64)).

ice-9/boot-9.scm:1685:16: In procedure raise-exception:
Wrong type to apply: ""

Your tests are not correctly passed to the *test-root* parameter. Make sure you respect the following model:

 (lambda ()
   ;;; your tests here))


  1. Install guile-gunit64
  2. Install geiser-gunit64
  3. Enable geiser-gunit64-mode when geiser-mode is enabled (via a hook in your Emacs configuration).
  4. Configure Geiser so that the *Geiser Debug* buffer processes ANSI colors (setq geiser-debug-treat-ansi-colors 'colors).
  5. Configure Geiser not to jump to *Geiser Debug* buffer on compile-time error (setq geiser-debug-jump-to-debug nil).

For steps 1 and 2, I created the Guix definitions for these 2 packages. You can find them in my personal channel.


Gunit64 only handles simple test suites (test-assert, test-equal and test-error). As soon as test-group is introduced, things get messy. I haven't yet seen how it behaves with user-defined test-runner (I guess, not very well).

Thank you very much for reading this article! Hope you learned something!

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